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Fishing Mates Australia brings you the best of aussie fishing, featuring tackle news and reviews, links to fishing chat, fishing tackle stores and effective Australian angling tips and techniques.

Now that you have found us the easiest way to find what you want is use the site index on the left hand side to help you navigate to the pages you most want to see.

We are still building up the site at present but what there is will give you a taste of what is to come. We have a ton of our own fishing articles which we will add over time (as other commitments allow) that will hopefully be of interest, and improve your fishing.

In the mean time check out our tailor fishing and breamfishing articles or our latest fishing basics guide

Fishing Roundup

All the latest fishing related gossip, from what's biting to the most recent regulations and changes to impact recreational fishing.

Queensland had best start brushing up on the new bag limits, sizes and green zones which came into effect on March 1st.

Fishing Baits

Learning the best way to present a bait can be the difference between catching fish and scoring yourself a big fat duck egg. We have opened up our fishing baits section showcasing rigging options for the humble pilchard. More

Seafloor bottom map of Moreton Bay showing the sinkhole Moreton Bay Sinkhole

With the rush of downloads following news reports of the sinkhole in Moreton bay taking out the seqcatchments website we have temporarily placed the original and some smaller images on this site. Fishing paradise? or the bays next big boat parking spot.

Teaching Your Children to Fish

Before you take your kids fishing for the first time have a quick read through this guide. We run you through the pitfalls to avoid and the preparations that should make for a fun and enjoyable day for all. Read about Kids Fishing

Fishing Reels Reviewed

Reels ain't reels Sol, and we take a long hard look at some of the options we have available to us. Spinning reels, overheads and trusty old Alvey reels are just a few of the choices we look at in our search for the reel that suits best. Check out these Fishing Reels

Bream Fishing
The wiley bream can become addictive for some, here are a few tips to improve your catches.
Swallowtail Dart

Surf, sand a little fish with a never say die attitude. These feisty little fighters will put almost any beach fisherman's skills to the test.

Snapper Fishing

Few fish in Australia get the heart racing more than snapper. We run through some tips to help you to snapper success.

Beach Fishing

A scan of the waves shows a school of fish moving into your gutter. This is going to be an awesome surf fishing session.

surf beach

Beginners Guide to Fishing

Basically a beginners guide that touches on areas that should help novices and even some experienced fishermen reach the next level.

Tailor Tactics
These sharp toothed predators have some nasty habits that make us glad we aren't bait fish.

Boat Ramps with GPS marks

Australian boat ramp coordinates suitable for Google Earth and Garmin GPS units. We make planning where your next holiday boat launch will be easy.

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