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Fishing reel reviews and helpful tips

For the most part the choice of fishing reel type is a personal one based on sketchy information given by people online often with questionable practical knowledge of the product they are recommending or berating. Reel recommendations are often made based on bias, hunches, guesses, what the neighbors cousin uses, and a bunch of other not so helpful bits of information that do more to confuse the situation than help. Occasionally on many an online fishing forum a lone voice of reason will make a well informed recommendation born out of long practical experience. However weight of numbers of the less informed usually drown out the quality information and the majority rule, perpetuating poor choice. Sorry about that, but now I have it off my chest lets get onto the informative stuff.

What is the best fishing reel for you? It is the one that fits your budget, suits your style of fishing and will land the vast majority of fish you latch onto in an acceptable manner. Well that is the basis on which it should be chosen anyway. While a shimano stella, daiwa saltiga or high end van staal might be a necessity in some circumstances it is nothing short of complete overkill in most others where this kind of firepower is totally unnecessary. Top shelf reels still don't float, bounce off rocks very well, or take kindly to salt and sand intruding into their internals, bearings and gears. It's not a great feeling when you see your pride and joy disappear over the side seemingly in slow motion but so fast you can do nothing but stare in horror. It hurts and hurts bad but the pain is ten fold if you have scrimped, scraped and struggled to be able to afford to buy your now broken dream reel.

So what I suggest is you buy reels that will get you fishing as soon as you want to go without much if any saving for the purchase. Now I know as usual I am going against the tide of opinion that suggests you should buy the most expensive reel you can afford or save up for something better but why when you can fish now. If you only take away one thing from reading this remember expensive isn't necessarily good and good isn't necessarily expensive. Wow what a deal this reel has been reduced from $250 to $99 what a bargain. Well if the reel was never worth $250 in the first place and still has strong competition at the discounted $99 then maybe not. This is not an uncommon occurrence and is sometimes a pure marketing ploy that catches a lot of people.

Now I am not knocking high end gear, I am knocking overpriced gear and there are a few reels around that fit in that category that are often and highly recommended. In these cases they are still well made reels but at the price point you can do much much better if you are willing to go to another brand. Like the holden vs ford scenario with car lovers a lot of people will only use a certain brand of reel or rod and do so to their wallets and fishing's detriment. No fishing reel manufacturer goes without its lemons however some either through testing or experience are less likely to deliver a complete dog of a reel. Just don't think however because a certain model reel carries a brand name of a highly regarded different model that they will be as good. In fact if you are looking online at overseas fishing tackle stores don't be surprised if reels carrying the same name in the US are not the same as the Australian model. Then to make it really complicated the Japanese domestic market reels can be totally different again. Confused yet? It gets worse but read on because it will all become clear soon enough. I'll even help take all of the confusion out of it by reviewing some great bang for buck reels that are pretty versatile.

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